Dj Jordache : Chart

Top 10 by Jordache Rhythm Brothers/Boomtown Olsztyn

1. EVOLVED: Matter Of Time (Baroque)
2. FUTURESHOCK: Pride’s Paranoia (Junior)
3. MARA: If You Only Knew (Album Sampler) (Choo 2)
4. MOSHIC & RUI DA SILVA: Kismet 018 (Kismet)
5. CONJURE ONE: Centre Of The Sun (Nettwerk US)
6. CAMOUFLAGE: I Can’t Feel You (Zeitgeist Germany)
7. HELLER, Hardy: Tibet EP (Part 1) (On A Mission Germany)
8. DARK CEREMONIES: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Basilensis
10. LOPEZ, Wally: The Vibe (Weekend Spain)

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